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Onyx is a 7 year old tb bought out of a race yard Jan 05. He was very underweight and very depressed. His feet were in the same shape as the rest of him, his soles were so soft that I could press my thumbs into them, my farrier at the time was very patient putting new shoes on every week or 2 as he continually pulled them off, when he did I had to bandage his foot within the hour or he would be so lame.  He also tripped very badly I only ever trotted on grass and sometimes he ended up with mud all up his face where he had taken a nose dive.  After a year of getting him mentally and physically well I decided to give him a month off over Christmas and when I suggested taking his shoes off my farrier said his feet wouldn't handle it and they would fall apart and he would be lame, anyway he wasn't  and they didn't.  I decided I would try going barefoot for a while as we weren't doing much and he was ok, my farrier really didn't like the idea and I felt I was getting no support from him so I contacted an equine podiatrist.  


Initially we progressed well but I noticed that gradually his hoof structures began to deteriorate again his toes getting longer, heels  starting to under run and quarter cracks and toe cracks appearing and when I questioned her I wasn't getting any real explanations so I made some phone calls took some advice and decided to contact Lindsay Cotterell DAEP.  I can now be rest assured that as a DAEP Lindsay follows a Code of Ethics, continues to expand her knowledge by attending Continual Professional Development incorporating whole horse hoof care, and her explanations of hoof function are evidence based.


His feet have improved so much, even after the first couple of trims the difference was very noticeable. Lindsay has been full of advice and help on how to improve his feet more and more and with this advice they just keep getting better.  She is very kind, gentle and patient with onyx as he can be a bit cheeky, but can be easily upset.  Christine with Onyx

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