Lindsay Cotterell DAEP, Dip.IAZ

HIGH PERFORMANCE - Steph and Bagheera

I met Lindsay at a 3 day KC La Pierre AEP course and was immediately impressed with her dedication, knowledge and enthusiasm.


I booked her to trim my horses feet and have been truely thrilled with the results. My horse needs to perform at his highest level and it is so important that his feet are healthy and balanced. I like the fact that I am given a chart of his feet at every visit as a record of progress and that Lindsay takes photos at every visit as well as assessing his movement and giving me a plan in order to optimise hoof health. His feet are now better balanced, not cracking and his frogs are great!! He is happy to trail ride on gravel or roads-fantastic! I will also be competing him in affiliated dressage this winter.


I am currently in Colorado USA studying to become a Parelli Natural Horsemanship instructor and am so happy and relieved that Lindsay is taking care of my horses feet. Thankyou Lindsay for the outstanding job you do it is making a difference to so many horses (and humans!) lives.



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