Lindsay Cotterell DAEP, Dip.IAZ



In May 2008 our then 14 year old Arab gelding Jazec was diagnosed with laminitis in all four hooves.  The front hooves in particular had been badly affected.  X-rays revealed slight rotation in both of them.  Nick West our independent equine vet and Podiatrist, suggested as part of the treatment to take Jazec’s shoes off and he recommended Lindsay to us and the two of them worked together to get Jazec back into shape.  Jazec immediately took to Lindsay and her gentle and calm approach.  Apart from trying to nibble her hair he is always relaxed and well behaved around her.  


Over a period of time Lindsay trimmed using gradually returning dynamic balance and his hooves improved and returned to a healthy shape.  After three months of stable rest in a large barn, we started on an exercise programme monitored by Lindsay and Nick to get Jazec’s fitness and improve and strengthen his hooves.  Initially we walked him in hand for increasing periods of time and a few months later started riding him again.  Gentle walks were quickly followed by faster paces – but on Lindsay’s recommendation we did not push Jazec into trot and canter but let him make the decision when he was ready and comfortable to go faster.  He had one brief bout of lameness about a year after he was first diagnosed, but was fine again after a week of stable rest.  6 months later his hooves were as sound as they could possibly be.  All traces of the laminitis had gone and the new hoof growth was healthy and strong.    


Jazec is a happy horse again:  his balance is improving all the time, he loves hacking out in the countryside and we have even started going over little jumps again.  His hooves look fantastic and we have no intention of putting shoes on him again.  We can’t thank Lindsay enough for what she has done for Jazec and can wholeheartedly recommend her. MARLIES AND JAZEC  

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