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I was first given a talk regarding Applied Equine Podiatry whist attending an ‘Intelligent Horsemanship’ course at Hartsop Farm.  I had always been interested in bare foot trimming so I found this talk most interesting and it came at the perfect time for me.  My 5 year old mare (who I had since she was 2) had never had shoes on and had good feet.  I was however in the process of increasing her work and was not confident she could continue without shoes for much longer.  I also own a 22 year old Arab cross called Dundee who was now in light work but wore a full set of shoes for the many years he was in full work. UPDATE - Dundee is now South West Senior Veteran of the Year and has his own testimonial page !


Now seem liked the right time to try Applied Equine Podiatry.   After some research on the web a phone call was made to Lindsay and a date for her first visit was booked.


It is always refreshing when you meet people in the horse industry such as Lindsay that take the time to answer all your (many) questions and explain everything they are doing.  


She goes about her work in a calm and efficient manner.  The results of her work on both of my treasured horses speaks volumes and I have never looked back from the day of that first visit.    


My now 6 year old mare is going like a dream over all terrains – I hack (on roads and stone surfaces), x-country, show jump and school, at no point concerning myself about her feet.  I have got to this point by following Lindsay’s advice, I did put the conditioning work in at the start – many a walk in hand up the road, but this was good bonding time for me and my youngster and was no problem at all.  I am pleased to report after her last visit she was extremely pleased with Meg’s feet and said I was now in a position to take her on a 10 mile fun ride if I wished.  I am having such fun with Megs, I am able to take part in all the activities I love knowing my horse has happy, hardy feet without the restriction of shoes.  Going back to my young at heart Arab – he is showing better movement than he has for many years, his strong white feet are allowing this lively chap to happily jog everywhere without a shoe in sight!  I think this is the real key – if you have happy horses you have a more than happy owner!


I have found Lindsay to be extremely knowledgeable regarding horses all round.  I was particularly impressed he day I opened Meg’s stable door and she took one look at her front feet and said, “I don’t think she is right, has she been working ok?” I had not said a word to Lindsay before but I had in fact not been riding her for two weeks previous as she was not moving correctly at all.  Lindsay gave me no firm diagnosis but thought it might be her shoulder.  The physio arrived a few days later and  it was exactly that.  I was impressed how quickly just from looking at the feet Lindsay could tell she was injured.


I would have no qualms recommending Lindsay to work with horses of any age, fitness, condition both shod or un-shod, I would consider the recommendation a kindness to the horse in question.  KERRY WITH MEGAN AND DUNDEE