Lindsay Cotterell DAEP, Dip.IAZ


(Mum to Jack of Diamonds)

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Diamond is mother to Jack of Diamonds.  After witnessing Jack's progress we decided to see if any help could be given to Diamond.  Diamond was diagnosed with navicular issues at the age of 8, she is now 23.  We asked Lindsay to put together a testimonial for us to describe Diamond's progress to date. 


Diamond has been treated conventionally for Navicular issues since the age of 8 and as she did not return to soundness was retired shortly after and put into foal and had Jack of Diamonds.   Conventionally, the main aim is to address the hoof capsule externally by shortening break-over at the toe in an attempt to reduce strain on the navicular apparatus.  This has gradually led to Diamond's toe plane and dorsal wall being dubbed as far back as the golden (white) line and has not addressed under-run heels and resulting contraction of soft internal tissue.  As a consequence it has reduced her stride length and caused ligaments, tendons and her whole body to adapt it's posture to cope with deformed hoof structures.  This has led to limiting movement over a long period of time, combined with suspected general arthritis.


Diamond  from the age of 8 has been prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs ranging from 2-4 doses a day.


A program was put in place to restore health to weakened internal structures by providing correct stimulus and balance to the horse at that moment in time and progressing on as internal soft tissue repairs and healthy growth increases.  Diamond was helped initially by using Poly Flex Wraps.  She immediately showed improvement and after her initial 3 to 4 paces, her stride length increased, as the Hoof Wraps provided her with the toe plane that had been removed and addressing dynamic balance beneficial stimulus started to be applied to her internal structures.


Our aim is to try and reduce the amount of anti-inflammatory drugs Diamond is taking as it is having a detrimental affect on her system. She has progressed extremely well in just 3/4 months and is now on one satchet of anti-inflammatory every other day.  We hope to eventually replace this with natural alternatives and a detox program. The Hoof Wraps have stimulated rapid growth and Diamond is now walking comfortably along the lanes to her field without the support of wraps and has never needed boots.  


Diamond is a work in progress and we have to be realistic in our aims.  However, her progress and improving hoof structures have certainly led to greater comfort and to date this has been consistent and we hope that this will continue.



"Sadly, despite all efforts to help Diamond the long term affects of drugs and secondary health problems overwhelmed her and the very hard and compassionate decision was taken to put her to sleep.  We knew it was the last chance for Diamond and that the advances in hoof care came too late for her.  However, there are still many horses and owners out there experiencing a similar situation and if Diamond can be used to help one horse and owner seek another route, then her time with us will not have been forgotten.  Thank you."  Jill, Simon and Lindsay