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In August 2006 I decided to take Ebby's shoes off due to lack of good farriers in the area - I contacted DAEP Colette Meade with our first trim and we started with our first conditioning work; Ebby's front feet scored 3.9 and back feet a 5 respectively. Due to the lack of ideal conditioning ground at my yard and riding area, Ebby wore boots on her front feet for hacking but could go without for work in a sand arena; we also started hand walking in theraputic pads daily. Although good progress was made through the winter, Ebby was still lacking in inner wall, and although she was being conditioned correctly, we were a bit puzzled! In the March we had another DAEP visit us and we concluded that Ebby had possible low grade laminitis - Ebby was stabled for 3 days, a vet called (who had to use a hammer on her sole to get a reaction from her - but she did feel it) (In AEP Gauged hoof testers are used to test integrity of structure) and 6 weeks later she was allowed back into a starvation paddock. After this setback, her feet improved gaining 5's on all feet at the end of the summer.


September 2007 we moved from Devon to Wiltshire, and Colette put me in contact with Lindsay, and passed Ebby's file of all her hoof photos and evaluation forms to Lindsay so that she could see what progress we had made and if we had any problems. Due to better conditioning surfaces (more tarmac lanes and regular use of a sand school) Ebby's feet scores improved steadily as her work load increased; gaining 7's all four feet with 2 hours of work per day. This has continued till today and we are hacking out for over 2 hours without boots and schooling for an hour if not; in the past year we have taken part in fun rides, hunting, dressage, jumping, showing - and our feet never stop us!! We've had brilliant advice and back up from Colette and Lindsay that I doubt we would get from a farrier - no question or query is never to big or small to answer, if we ever run into problems I know I can send a quick email or ring Lindsay and she will do her best to help us. Anna and Ebony

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UPDATE:  Ebby finishing a 10 mile Fun Ride at speed, April 2011