THE FROG: should be in proportion, 50-60% wide as long with no sign of infection with even exfoliation.
A healthy frog indicates there is efficient and strong frog spine/digital cushion function.

UNGULAR CARTILAGES: are rounded and healthy giving bulk to the caudal (rear) aspect of the hoof

HEELS OR ANGLE OF THE BAR: The Heel or Angle of the Bar should display a good surface area located close to the widest part of the frog and very slightly (credit card depth) higher than the Frog with a smooth connection to the bars.

BARS: Straight with a slight angle opposing the frog and blending into the sole

TOE: The toe at ground level should be symmetrical to the curve of the coronet band.

SOLE: The Sole should be smooth with concavity the deepest point being at the Apex of the Frog

THE WHITE/GOLDEN LINE: This should be a shallow crease, free from infection and bruising containing a small amount of grit to aid traction.

WALL MATRIX : The wall is made up of a matrix of outer and inner wall and this hoof demonstrates a healthy matrix of each.

POSTURE: A healthy and balanced hoof provides a solid foundation for the rest of the body enabling the horse to work efficiently and to a greater dynamic capacity.

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