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When Fred arrived he was extremely sensitive to touch especially at the base of his neck, withers and top of the shoulders (he would sink away from your hand and his skin would quiver).  In addition, he was head shy and very wary of humans (ears back and threatening to bite or kick if you got too close too quickly).


Since having his shoes off and his feet re-balanced he has slowly become a different horse.  It has taken approx 4/5 months and patience to get Fred comfortable and for the tension in his muscles and ligaments to subside.  He now allows you to touch him all over without any signs of sensitivity, anguish or threatening behaviour.  His gait has lengthened - especially noticeable in the walk but now showing signs of doing the same in trot and canter.  He is much more placid and happy in life and is no longer head shy.


Fred's feet have changed enormously during the time he has been seeing Lindsay.  We only needed to buy one set of hoof boots which we used on the fronts intermittently for the first 2 months.  He is now able to cope barefoot with all terrain (including stony tracks) and happily covers miles - he is ridden 6 days a week to include schooling, hacking (minimum 1 hr in duration road work), and fast work.  The most recent test was PC Camp which he flew through.  No hoof boots were used.  We are extremely happy with Fred's progress and will continue to go bare foot now knowing the health implications of metal shoes!  LARA AND FRED

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