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Most people say that it is a hard decision to take the shoes off your horse, for me it was easy. Seth had been diagnosed with DJD, the vet was not positive about his future and the only real advice was to reduce the concussion to his joints. His shoes were already off as he had been operated on and he was now on box rest. So I decided that the shoes would stay off.


For the first 5 years that he was without shoes he was trimmed regularly by a traditional farrier. As time went on I became increasingly concerned about the cracks that were forming and the shape of his hooves. Although sound I continued to worry about any damage I might be doing to him long term. He had suffered for a long time with imbalance, thrush and fungal infections but it was not until Lindsay became involved that I realised the full importance of those problems.


Seth and I now benefit from the theories of Applied Equine Podiatry. Not just the trim but the total hoof care that we now understand. Clearing the infection has been a long struggle and needs patience, but combined with the trim he receives the results speak for themselves. The cracks are disappearing and the shape of his hooves are getting better all the time. He walks out more and he is coping far better on stony ground. I now have real peace of mind that his feet are being cared for properly.  GILL WITH SETH


UPDATE - 3 years on and we are continuing to enjoy our hacks and local shows recently taking 4th place in the 20 years and over Veterans Class!





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